7 comments on “Yup, this is where I’m from…

  1. Wow! Such an amazing read.

    Though we can laugh, unfortunately some people just don’t know anything about other places.

    Glad you have found a place to call home 🙂

  2. That was hilarious! Especially: “Car, what is car? No, No. I have camel” 😀 you just come up with the best comebacks, miss tasneem! 😀

    • JazakAllah….I also experienced so much of this in Karachi where people expected that I do not understand English and would be completely taken aback when I spoke in English, they couldn’t understand why I would speak in Urdu at all if my English was good!

  3. Oh my God! That must’ve been sooo funny 😀 Seriously though, what did they expect? :/ It’s offending and hilarious at the same time.

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